June 28, 2002
The Secular Humanist view

I thought I should start off with a little bit about myself so that I'm not taken as someone who can't see both sides.
I was raised Christian and went to church and Sunday school and every instrument I know how to play, I learned them there.
I can still to this day recite all the books of the bible from memory and know most scriptures by heart.
I stopped believing in God when I was 12.
It was really a child's' heart that had been broken that brought it all on.
My grandfather died and when I asked the church leaders why him, their response to me was that god had called him home for a better purpose.
What better purpose could he serve than right here with his family loving and playing and being the gram-pa we needed.
I kept asking why and kept getting more of the same just have faith answers.
I began looking into the bible more diligently and learning all I could about this man named Jesus that I pretended to hold when I played Mary in the Christmas pageants.
I was in Godspell and so many other church musicals and paraded around because I could sing and play instruments.
I was taught to fear God.
The whale that ate Jonah. Yikes man. Growing up right near the beach and hearing that story kept me out of the water for a whole summer.
I learned allot in my studies of the man known as Jesus. Scientifically, I can prove to you that this man did exist. But as far as walking on water and turning water to wine, this guy had to be a better magician than Copperfield.

This whole thing with taking under god out of the pledge is right for so many reasons.
Was anyone ever taught what the pledge really means or did your teachers just teach you the words like mine did?
As an adult, some people may have looked into the meaning of the pledge like I noticed a few other posters mention.
We know NOW what it means, but as a child did you have any idea what you were agreeing to be so faithful too in kindergarten?
My kids, who are in 4th and 6th grade, have no idea what any of it means. They just know that's what they do every morning after the bell rings. Stand, place your hand over heart and pledge all of your loyalties to your country and god.

After September 11th, everything here in the bible belt became all about god blessing our country. Where was he when it was happening?
Where was he when thousands of families prayed to him to find family members alive in all that rubble?

At the job I worked at, a grocery store at the time, told us we could all wear god bless America shirts to work and pins or necklaces proclaiming our faith.
I tired to wear my atheist A necklace to work and was immediately told to remove it. Why? Because my lack of belief in someone else's' god, offended everyone namely my boss who told me I was going to hell.

I have so much more to say on this god issue and I hope that my thoughts don't offend anyone but rather bring a different viewpoint to the table.
I am a single mom raising my kids to believe in humanity rather than a faith and a hope that something bigger than them will save their lives someday.

I will be back tomorrow to talk about this under god court issue that's taking place.

Posted by at June 28, 2002 08:36 PM
What's an "Atheist A" necklace? Posted by: Etoile on June 28, 2002 09:43 PM
this site Atheist shopping has some great merchandise to proclaim you lack of faith...lol sorry, couldn't help myself there. Scroll down to see the jewelry. =) Posted by: kat on June 28, 2002 10:10 PM
I, for one, look forward to reading more of what you have to say, Kat. I'm Pagan, not atheist, but I respect all belief systems. It will be interesting to read everyone's viewpoints here. Posted by: Kim on June 28, 2002 11:04 PM
thanks kim. i look forward to reading everyones as well. Posted by: kat on June 28, 2002 11:43 PM
Hi Kat, This post really hit home to me. While I do believe in God and have been "saved", the last few years I have had a ton of questions. The hardest one I have to deal with is the actions of God, as our Heavenly Father. God has done, and will continue to do many things that I as a parent would never do to my children. For example, if your child comes to you for something, do you give him/her the silent treatment for an indefinate period of time? Would you deliberately allow hardship to befall your children, then tell them that "someday" all will be revealed to them? Can you see yourself as that kind of parent? I can't. So, although my faith is deep, I have a ton of questions that gnaw at me. I blame "the church" greatly in its failure to addres the needs of the people. People have real issues to deal with and are constantly given flip, unemotional advice from pastors who are racked with sin and questions, themselves. Time and again I have seen "the church" fail its people. If you mouth the appropriate response, you are accepted. Question anything and you are shunned. Hence, I no longer attend church and doubt I ever will. Anyway, not at all revelent to the issue at hand, here, but I wanted to let you know I appreciate what you are saying. Posted by: Cynthia on June 30, 2002 07:01 PM
Thanks cynthia. i appreciate your views as well and really think you should consider jjoing this panel of writers. the church, i think has been a dissapointment to almost everyone. I have to ask you something... if you as a parent wouldn't treat your child in the ways that you described, why would you allow anyone or anything to treat you that way? and yes, your comment may have not been completely relevant to the post but all are welcome to join in. thanks for coming by and hope you come back. Posted by: kat on June 30, 2002 08:44 PM
Oh, Cynthia! I second Kat's suggestion! Promo is still looking, I think, for writers of deep faith. You're such a good writer, and you obviously have faith in your religion (even with the questions), I think you would be a great addition! Posted by: Kim on July 2, 2002 09:00 AM
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