June 29, 2002
Where was I?

Oh yeah, removing "under god" from the pledge.
Another reason I want this to take place is for all the kids who believe in something different.

School, public school, is supposed to be accepting of everyone.
The county I live in, still buses black kids in because they have to accept everyone.
It's a very diverse school, African Americans, Hispanics, whites, Russians, you name it, this school has it.
I battle the school every year at Christmas time because they have taught my kids, and all the kids, songs for Hanukkah.
I am not against Judaism. Nor Buddhism, nor Christianity.
But the schools, are supposed to represent all the faiths if they choose to represent any at all.
At the Christmas pageants, they sing Christian carols as well as Hanukkah songs and one or two standard carols.
What about all the other faiths?
How do they celebrate? I have yet to see Buddhism, represented at this school.
We teach our kids to pledge to the flag and god but they don't all share the same god nor are all the gods represented.
This is unfair.
I ask every year that my kids not be allowed to participate in any learnings of any religious based carols and my kids do not attend the pageants. By choice.

What the pledge currently tells all these kids who believe something other than god, is that they don't exist in the eyes of the school. At the pageants they are not represented yet they are forced to learn songs that go against their families faith.

If we remove the words "under god" from the pledge perhaps it will let all the kids feel like they belong no matter what they believe.
Maybe the schools who have pageants will realize that they can't impose only two religions on the students.

I don't think, in my opinion, that this is about trying to convert anyone and everyone to become non-believers. This is simply, in my opinion, about recognizing that we all belong.

Many of my kids friends go to church and my kids even started the summer off (one session cuz' that's all I could afford) at a Jewish summer camp. They were not taught any songs or made to pray or anything like that.
They had fun and played and made new friends of a different faith which is what I want for them. To accept everyone as they are and for who they are regardless of what they believe.

People keep telling me that I'm going to hell for not teaching my kids the word of god, by not making them go to church. I have to disagree with that.
As Christians who put so much effort into preaching those words and getting on bended knee, I think they should re-read the bible and those words.
According to those words, they are taught to accept their fellow man and embrace him.
To love every man as your brother.

I'm sorry to be so passionate about this but I'm raising two great little men here all on my own and I want them to grow up to be strong and healthy and smart and love every man as their brothers.

Try to remember that more wars have been fought in the name of god than for any other reason.

Don't you think it's time we stop? Don't you think it's time we teach our kids that enough is enough?

Don't you think it's time to teach them to live, love and be happy.

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